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     Absorbent gauze swab plain / X-ray detectable member :-

X-ray Detectable Gauze Swab B.P. 13, B.P. 17 & B.P. 20 Specifications / As per drug schedule F II / I.S.I. specification

Synonyms : X-ray detectable Gauze sponge, X-ray detectable gauze pad.

Absorbent gauze swab plain / X-ray detectable consist of folded X-ray detectable absorbent gauze. The number of layers (ply) of the gauze in the swab and its dimensions vary according to surgical requirements.

Description :- A cut piece of X-ray detectable absorbent gauze, which complies with the standard for X-ray detectable absorbent gauze, folded into a square swab in such a manner that no cut edges are visible: the edges of the swab may be stitched.

-- The product is more convenient, advantageous and economical for the past operative treatment.

-- The product is also easily available from the dispensing Chemist, in convenient packing.

Uses :- X-ray detectable gauze swab are used for packing open wounds and swabbing procedures during surgical operations. The X-ray detectable, to be detected radio logically.

Packaging :- They should be enclosed in sealed packages, which may contain more then one pad. Waxed paper should not be used for any wrapping in contact with the pad, at it reduces the absorbency of the material.

Sterilisation :-They may be sterilized by one of the methods described for surgical dressing, or by any other suitable process.

Labeling :- The label on the package states the size of the swab and ply.

Standard Specification As per drug schedule F II

Threads : 2.5 cms; not less than Warp:19 / Weft :14.

Weight /m2 :
30 gms; +_5

Absorbency : Not more than 10 secs.



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