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Absorbent gauze cloth :-

Absorbent Gauze Cloth F(II) / I.S.I. Specification :-

Synonyms :- Gauze, Unmedicated Gauze, and Absorbent Cotton Gauze.
Absorbent Gauze is cotton fabric of plain weave, supplied in various widths and lengths. The Gauze is bleached and free from any sizing, dressing or filling material. The yarn used is machine spun cotton yarn, of suitable count to comply with bleached cotton between 17 and 25 in the finished fabric.

Description : Cotton cloth, plain weave, with a simple selvedge present on both sides to prevent unraveling of yarn. The cloth is bleached to a good white is clean, odorless reasonably free from fabric defects and adhering send debris from cotton seeds and leaves or any other foreign matter.

Threads Per d/m :-  Warp not less than 75 and weft not less than 55.

Weight in g/ms2 :- 30+_5

Length and Width :- Not less than 98% each of the length and width stated on the lable.

Absorbency :- Average sinking time not more than 10 seconds.

Fluorescence :- When viewed under screened ultra-violet light not more than occasional points of fluorescence are observed.

Foreigne Matter :- Not more than 1%.

Packing, Labeling And Storage :-
Absorbent Gauze if folded and packed with such materials and so securely as to protect it's absorbency and alloy normal handling and without tearing and exposing the contents. The net content is stated on the label in terms of length and width. The packages shall be labeled prominently with the words "NON STERILE". Absorbent Gauze must be stored unpacked conditions protected from moisture, and dust.

Methods Of Test

Defect in Fabric :
The sample is unfolded, opened and held against diffused daylight or spread in blacktopped table to locate and identify prominently visible defects in yarn and fabric construction. The fabric shall be reasonably free from holes, slubs, snarls and naps.


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