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Absorbent lint cloth :-   


Synonyms :- Lint, Cotton Lint, and Unmedicated Lint

Description :- Cotton cloth of plain weave, reasonably free from weaving defects, readily tearable in both directions and bleached to a good white having on one side a nap raised from either the warp or weft yarns and reasonably free from naps; it is clean and reasonably free from leaf, shall and other foreign substances.

Standards :- Absorbent Lint is a cotton cloth of plain weave, on one side of which a nap has been raised from either warp or weft yarns. It absorbs water readily but its absorbency may be considerably reduced by medication, the absorbency of the product depending upon the medicament incorporated. It has not less than 98% of the dimensions stated on the label.

Yarn : Reasonably free from slubs, snarls and other defects.

Threads per cm :- Warp not less than 16 and weft not less than 10.

Weight :- 25g has a superficial area of 1350 to 1370 sq cm.

Absorbency :- A piece 10 cm square, placed lightly by means of forceps, unraised side downwards, on the surface of water at 20 degree, becomes saturated within 10 seconds.

Water-Soluble Extractive :- Not more than 1%.

Fluorescence :- Not more than a few points of fluorescence are visible under screened ultra-violet light.

Storage :- Store in well closed packages so as to prevent access of moisture, in a dry place, free from dust.

Labeling : The label on the container states the length and width.


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