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Bandage cloth / Rolled bandage:-   

Bandage Cloth / Rolled bandage F(II) / I.S.I. Specification

Synonyms : Bandage Cloth, Bleached Bandage Cloth, Rolled Bandage, Open Wove Bandage and Cotton Bandage Cloth.

Bandage Cloth/ Rolled bandage consists of cotton cloth of plain weave made from machine spun yarn of suitable count of comply with a bleached count between 20 tex and 20 tex and 25 tex for warp and between 25 tex and 30 tex for weft. The fabric contains no filling, sizing or dressing material. It may be supplied uncut and folded or cut to suitable sizes and rolled.

Description for uncut bandages :- Uncut bandage are cotton cloth of plain weave, in one continuous length showing no joints or seams, with well-formed selvedges. The cloth is bleached to a good white, is clean and odorless and reasonably free from weaving defects and from seeds and leaf debris.

Description for cut bandages :- Same as for uncut bandage, except for selvedges which shall not be included in cut bandages. In addition, both the extremes and edges of cut bandages shall be straight and evenly cut, with reasonable freedom from loose threads.

Threads per d/m :- Warp not less than 150 and weft not less than 85.

Weight in g/m2 :- 57+_5

Length and width : The length and width shall not be less than 99% each of the length and width stated on the label. For cut bandages, each of the bandages in packing complies with this requirement.

Foreign Matter :- Not more than 2%

Fluorescence :- When viewed under screened ultra-violet light, not more than occasional points of fluorescence are observed.

Packing, Labeling and Storage :-

Bandage cloth / Rolled bandage shall be packed securely so as to allow normal handling and transport without tearing and exposing the contents. In packages of cut and rolled bandages, each bandage shall also individually be wrapped in suitable paper. The net content is stated on the label in terms of length and width. Bandage Cloth must be stored in packed condition. protected from dust. The packing of Bandage Cloth shall be labeled prominently with the words "NON-STERILE".



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