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     Absorbent gauze (Abdominal) sponge plain / X-ray detectable members

X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pad B.P. 13, B.P. 17 & B.P. 20 Specification / As per drug schedule F II / I.S.I. specification

Synonyms : X-ray detectable Absorbent Gauze, X-ray detectable thread mopping pad & X-ray detectable Abdominal Swab.

X-ray detectable abdominal pad consists of abdominal pad to which is attached a non-toxic X-ray detectable member.

Description :- Abdominal pad to which is securely attached, for example by heat-sealing, sewing or weaving, distinctively colored X-ray detectable member. The abdominal pad complies with the standard for abdominal pad, except that if the X-ray detectable member is woven into the fabric and replaces one of the pad threads.


Description:- The member is prepared from non-toxic materials and contains not less than 55% of barium sulphate or a suitable percentage of any other non-toxic material, which give comparable X-ray opacity. It is distinctively colored and reasonably free from loose fibers and particles, when attached it does not impair the softness or flexibility of the pad.

Uses : X-ray detectable abdominal pad is used in the form of pads, the uses of which are described under X-ray detectable gauze pad.

Packaging :- It should be packed as described under Abdominal Pad.

Labeling :- It is labeled as described under Abdominal Pad.


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